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General Meeting — March 3, 2015

Speaker: Marie Strait
Her talk is titled “Scraps, Scraps, Scraps!” so you know we are going to see a wide variety of quilts. You should come away with lots of ideas of how to use up all those wonderful scraps you have.
You can visit Marie’s website at www.mariesquilts.com


General Meeting — April 7, 2015

Speaker: Laurel Anderson
The History of Applique will include an 1850’s style applique quilt as well as several of Laurel’s own work. She will discuss the changes in styles and how they evolved with the fortunes of the country.
You can visit Laurel’s website at www.whispercolor.com


General Meeting – May 5, 2015

Speaker: Anelie Belden
Anelie will be presenting a lecture based on her book “Dresden Dance”.
Visit her web site at www.dresdenquilt.com.


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